Android Games Developer Interview

Tap the Balloons for Kids

Interview with Vagoneta Studios           

Vagoneta Studios is an indie game developer from Peru. They created mobile games appealing to their inner child and mischievous heart.

Finger Shepherd

Interview with Shibby           

Shibby is an indie game developer from UK. He is currently working in the recruitment industry. Game development is one of his hobbies!

Nabuza - I am rich

Interview with AnyTale           

AnyTale is an indie game company from South Korea. Recently they released their new title “Nabuza – I am Rich”.

Fuzz Ball

Interview with Games For Your Mind           

Daniel Petersen is a talented indie developer from Canada. Fuzz Ball is his latest title which was considered as a simple test.


Interview with Thecle           

DeProfundis: Come and venture in the deep dungeons, whack and slash skeletons, orcs, goblins and terrific foes!

Zpapp Bird

Interview with The Northern Bureau           

The Northern Bureau is a talented indie studio from Manchester UK. Zpapp Bird is the latest Android Game released by this studio.

Tricky Shot

Interview with Dream Apps Lab           

Dream Apps Lab is startup gaming studio from the soccer kingdom, Brazil. Tricky Shot is the first 3D title released by Dream Apps Lab.

Hazard Rush

Interview with Surreal Street           

Surreal Street is the official name of an independent developer from Sydney, Australia, who is still a 21 year old college student.

Ninja's Ascent Free

Interview with Llama Lamp           

Llama Lamp is two developer team from Hilo, Hawaii. Let’s get to know this young team & their game.

Critter Fitter - Animal Puzzle

Interview with Demon Apathy           

Demon Apathy is an independent development studio from Hungary. The studio was founded by two brothers, one in hungary & one in UK.

Mind Games

Interview with Alexey Khripkov           

Alexey Khripkov is an independent & talented developer from Moscow, Russia. Today let’s get to know him & his game.

Upset the Fruit Basket

Interview with Sedai Labs           

Sedai Labs is an independent studio founded by Jason Yokoyama. Upset the Fruit Basket is the first game which Sedai Labs launched.


Interview with Thummy’s ToothPasting           

Thummy is an independent developer from Netherlands. He started to made his own (mostly board and card) games at school.

Prince of Balls HD Free

Interview with IKKI Arts           

IKKI Arts is a four member game development studio from Croatia (Europe), with two brothers on each side.

Somyeol - Jump and Run

Interview with Brain Connected           

Brain Connected is an independent developer team including two computer science students from Bremen northern germany.

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