Interview with Alexey Khripkov

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Alexey Khripkov is an independent & talented developer from Moscow, Russia. Today let’s get to know him & his game.

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Updated:February 16th, 2013

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Alexey Khripkov

Android Park: Alexey Khripkov is an independent developer from Moscow, Russia.  Developing is not only Alexey’s work,  but also his hobby & life.  The Mind Games developed by Alexey is a hit puzzle in Google Play,  which has attracted millions of players from all over the world. Today we’ll interview this talented developer.  Let’s get to know him & his game.

Android Park: Would you please introduce yourself to us and our readers?

Alexey Khripkov: Hello everyone,  my name is Alexey, Im 37 years old , I live in Russia, Moscow… Moscow is the capital…. pfff… this is from English language lessons. My hobbies is coding, this is my hobby and my work and my life :) Ofc I love to do something else, for example resting and relaxing, or swim in the sea. But developing is major hobby :)

Android Park: What makes you most excited about designing or developing a mobile game?

Alexey Khripkov: I write some code, add some sprites and baaam… it is working and looks like a game :) Then put to market and you are earning money.. fantastic :)

Android Park: Since Android and IOS are the two major mobile platforms that people use now, how do you think about the development future for these two platforms?

Alexey Khripkov: I think new platforms will not beat this two in near future.. Android will grows more than iOS imho. Apple do not give us something really new and people will understand what iPhone just a phone not best and not worse than another. But now I like what iPhone users pay more than Android users. They pay 1000$ for phone why not pay 1$ for my game :) )

Android Park: Tell us the story about this Android game.  What inspired you to make such an Android game ?

Alexey Khripkov: Almost all puzzle games in market is games for casual players, every puzzle can be passed by stupid scholar or blondie. Everyone forget about old school puzzles, where you need some days to pass only one level. And then I remember old school game 7th Guest (and 11th hour), and decide make some type of remake. I plan this game not for everyone but only for smart people, and I do not expect what game become popular. :)

And I should say – Android users much smarter than iOS :) ) In iOS I only see comments: wtf.. fucking game.. i even cant enter… worse game ever bla bla bla :) )

Android Park: Do you have something special to say to our readers and your future fans ?

Alexey Khripkov: I would like to say – Hello everybody .. developing is easy :)


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