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Continue our interview with Iberlynx Mobile. Now let’s get to know more about their game development work.

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Updated:October 4th, 2012

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Iberlynx Mobile

Android Park:  Continue our interview with Iberlynx Mobile.  Now let’s get to know more about their game development work.

Android Park: Where does your inspiration come from? Or what inspires you the most when developing games?

Iberlynx Mobile: I like so much games like Angry Birds and Angry Words (Apalabrados). Both are our insparation, but the first is more complex, and we were searching for a simple game to go to market in a little time. The wordplay and puzzle mix was our selection. (Original and relative easy to develop).

Android Park: Have you met any difficulties in developing an Android game?   If yes, how did you resolve the problems?

Iberlynx Mobile: We have got problems with social & leaderboard integration. We use Marmalade SDK and Cocos2d-x to develop the game. There is not many libraries for social and leaderboard integration with the technology We use. Finally, we use direct urls for Facebook connection and  Scoreloop for Leaderboards.

Android Park: Do you have development experience on iOS? What reason makes you consider to develop an Android Game ?

Iberlynx Mobile: Our apps run on iPhone, Android, Bada, Symbian and Blackberry. I like more develop for Android, but iPhone it is better for paid apps. The users of Android do not paid for apps and games. The users of iPhone paid for the same.

To be continued …


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