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Here comes the most interesting part – Stories behind the game. BrainIcon also expressed their special Thanks to the Philippine fans.

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Updated:September 17th, 2012

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: BrainIcon

Android Park:  Continue our interview with BrainIcon.  Here comes the most interesting part – Stories behind the game.

Android Park: Tell us the story about Brain Maze. What inspired you to make such a game?

BrainIcon: I thought for a long time about developing a maze game with the concept of “try to remember the maze and now see just a little part of it”. I have also known that I want the time to be continuous throughout the game’s levels and the mazes to become larger. The main reason that I’ve developed this game was to play it. The coins, clouds, diamonds and light switches were ideas that raised later on by my brothers and me. The light-off switch has actually started as a bug that the maze has suddenly gone all black, but the player kept on moving. Instead of fixing that bug we’ve just implemented it as a feature.

Android Park: Do you have something special to say to our readers and your future fans?

BrainIcon: Follow us on Facebook, look for BrainIcon. These days we are porting our games to iOS, as well as working on a free new game. Our older brother (and the most gifted one) has also joined in and together we are working on a very special project that you will not want to miss! We promise to deliver cool and free games, with a lot of fun, for you.

BrainIcon’s Special Thanks: For reasons unknown to us, Brain Maze has started as a very big hit in the Philippines. In the first week we had 5-10 active devices from Philippine and since than it has just grown. Today they are on top our our users list for the game. So Shana Tova (Happy New Year) to all of you and to all of the Philippines that enjoy Brain Maze!

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  1. Fatimah says:

    For a general recaungtlar maze, of width X and height Y, I believe the solution is this:For the perimeter, you need 2*(X+Y) walls.There are P = (X-1)(Y-1) internal posts and (X+1)(Y+1) posts in total.The smallest number of walls you can have is W = int((P+1)/2).The largest number of walls you can use for an open maze is W = P.By an open maze, I mean one where all the cells are have a route to every other cell.So, for a 16 16 contest maze, you would need 289 posts, 64 walls for the perimeter and between 113 and 225 internal walls to create an open maze.Any advance on that?

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