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Dream Apps Lab is startup gaming studio from the soccer kingdom, Brazil. Tricky Shot is the first 3D title released by Dream Apps Lab.

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Updated:April 17th, 2013

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Dream Apps Lab

Android Park: Dream Apps Lab is startup gaming studio from the soccer kingdom,  Brazil.  The team of six game developers, four designers and a management team are committed to deliver high quality games and applications for mobile devices.  Tricky Shot is the first 3D title released by Dream Apps Lab.   Let’s get to know this young studio & their great game.

Android Park: Would you please introduce yourself to us and our readers?

Dream Apps Lab: Hello everyone, we are a startup studio composed by young, creative and bustling minds. Six game developers, four designers and a management team committed to deliver high quality games and applications for mobile devices. As a young and innovative group, most of the team members are passionate about games, from the old school console games to mobile games that rocks nowadays. Part of us have been working with mobile development in the last years. Of course, we love sports, for the guys, specially soccer – we live in Brazil, the country of soccer, where some of the greatest players come from, such as Pele, Ronaldo and Kaka! Some like to dance and play our national rhythm, Samba & Forró and play Capoeira!

Photo: Dream Apps Lab Team

Android Park: How do you start your career in designing or developing mobile game? Is there any interesting story which happened at the beginning of your gaming career

Dream Apps Lab: We have started two years ago with our first 2D game, called Toad Escape. After that, we decided to create a branch and develop 3D games as well and the result of this first experience was Tricky Shot which overtaken our expectation and is making much more success than we initially thought. Which is nice because is giving us inspiration and motivation to keep going on developing new games..

Android Park: How long have you been engaged in gaming industry? Are you enjoying in working in this industry? What makes you most excited in designing or developing a mobile game?

Dream Apps Lab: This is just our second title published in a year. We are starting in this industry and hope to continue making great games. The best is to hear the users feedback, to see the mind-challenges you designed and worked for days getting beat by a user – or sometimes get stuck till find the right solution. Getting closer to your game players and opinions transfers their excitements to our minds, so instantly we start design new thins and games in our minds. This is the fuel for the next updates and releases, besides being very rewarding.

Android Park: Since Android and IOS are the two major mobile platforms that people use now, how do you think about the development future for these two platforms?

Dream Apps Lab: This is a great question! When we start Tricky Shot development we were looking for a platform independent solution, that’s where we adopted Unity3D as our main engine. With Unity we could work with a unique file base and assets repository for both those platforms, also being able to have the same playability in a web browser and some other devices such as Windows 8. We will keep our bets on it, since this is a very powerful and complete engine able to distribute our contents across all platforms and with a great FPS even for really complex physics and graphics interactions. Unity for sure will be the main game development engine in a few time, some giant studios such as Rovio are already working with it too, so if you are deciding about which engine to use, give a chance to Unity and you will not regret.

Android Park: Tell us the story about this Android game.  What inspired you to make such an Android game ?

Dream Apps Lab: We love soccer, but the games we could found about it in the market weren’t able to reproduce our childhood experiences. Here in Brazil, the young boys are used to play soccer every day in schools, some field or park by nearby their homes and even in streets. We decide then to bring this childhood felling to the games, we thought “let’s do what the kids do at home, kick the ball in everything that may look a goal and let their mama’s get crazy with the broken objects”. And this is the soul of the Brazilian soccer, that’s why so many genius of this sports comes from our country, and that’s what makes our games so unique and great to be distinguished from the other kicking soccer games.

Android Park: Do you have something special to say to our readers and your future fans ?

Dream Apps Lab: Well, if you like sports and challenges, Tricky Shot is your game! To be the best you have to try hard till you get your goal. Practice leads you to the perfection, so we dare you to be the perfect kicker! If you would like to see some new challenges, found something interesting or have some nice ideas, please let us know your feedback. You can contact us through Google Play, Apps Store ratings or Facebook – ! We love to hear you! The more downloads and feedbacks we have, the more you will help us produce additional levels and new games.

We invite our fans to be tuned for coming up updates! We are preparing a very special giveaway offering a first class prize for soccer fans in any country in the world… The steps to run for the prize will be announced soon!


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