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Continue our interview with Madjimmy. Now let’s get to know more about their game development work.

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Updated:September 15th, 2012

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Madjimmy Games

Android Park:  Continue our interview with Madjimmy.  Now let’s get to know more about their game development work.

Android Park: Where does your inspiration come from? Or what inspires you the most when developing games?

Madjimmy Games: We would have liked to do something that is very enjoyable for players. Of course we knew that if someone finds our game entertaining, it does not automatically mean that it is to everybody’s taste. Anyway, we still have been trying to reach the aim of publishing a game that most players find enjoyable.

We like to play games that are easy to play, challenging and exciting. I hope that most players will think that Mad Jimmy – Flight Academy has these values, and will love to play it.

Our inspiration to design and develop games probably comes from the Commodore 64 era. The situation back then was a bit like today: not only big firms but also small developer teams or even individuals have the opportunity to develop fantastic new games.

Android Park: Have you met any difficulties in developing an Android game?   If yes, how did you resolve the problems?

Madjimmy Games: The first unpublished version of Mad Jimmy – Flight Academy was written in HTML5. It was a very simple version. Actually, we would have liked to test the features of HTML5. The features are nice, but after some research we finally decided to develop a native Android application. We wouldn’t have liked to develop from the very basics, so first of all we had to find a suitable game development library. It was not easy to decide, but in the end, I think we chose a very good one, the libgdx.

Android Park: Have you ported the game to iOS?  Why did you consider developing an Android Game?

Madjimmy Games: We developed Mad Jimmy – Flight Academy for Android, we have not ported our game to IOS yet. After we decided to develop a mobile game, we had to think several other things over: which platform to develop for?  For only one or for more? If for only one, for which one? From the beginning we planned to publish a free game, we chose Android because it has a bigger market share than IOS, and we like this platform very much.

To be continued …


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