Interview with Jordan Tuzsuzov – Part I

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Jordan Tuzsuzov is an independent developer from Germany. He just released his latest Android game Biniax-2.

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Updated:November 28th, 2012

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Jordan Tuzsuzov

Android Park:  Jordan Tuzsuzov is an independent developer from Germany.  He just released his latest Android game Biniax-2.   Actually the game has a history even longer than Android.  Let’s listen to the interesting stories behind the game.

Android Park: Would you please introduce yourself to us and our readers?

Jordan Tuzsuzov: Hello everyone,  My name is Jordan Tuzsuzov. I am Bulgarian, temporary inhabiting in Germany. I have a family and a daughter, who is already in active gaming age :)

Gaming is a pleasant activity, but it is just one of the free time occupations man can have. I also like a lot reading books, listening music, traveling, participating in communities of interests, etc.

Android Park: How do you start your career in designing or developing mobile games? Is there an interesting story that happened at the beginning of your gaming career?

Jordan Tuzsuzov: Making computer games was kind of a dream job for me back in the university years in the middle of 90-ties. Rendering a simple 3D scene in real time on a i386 machine just with DOS was at that time still a big challenge. My first 3D game was “Overruled”, developed in 1997, and I remembered how proud I was, showing it to my colleagues in the University. Later came the OpenGL to the PCs and already in 1998/99 I released my second 3D game – “Void Runner”, which was also the first one to gain certain popularity. Later I started working by a small independent company “Garga Games” in which we were doing computer games really for fun, and not dictated by the industry restrictions. We wanted original games with unique game play and the industry wanted well-proven concepts without a lot of risk. Needless to say, that some years later, we stopped active development.

As of today, my career in the gaming industry is actually over. Since almost a decade I am working in another area, and more concrete – the automotive industry. Making games remained a hobby for me, and as I am not dependent on them for my incomes, I can design whatever I want.

Android Park: How long have you been engaged in the gaming industry? Are you enjoying working in this industry? What makes you most excited about designing or developing a mobile game?

Jordan Tuzsuzov: I was involved professionally only about 3 years in the gaming industry. Back in 2001/02, when Garga Games was in it’s peak, we concentrate already on mobile games for PDA. Maybe we were ahead of the time? But we were convinced it is the future “gaming platform of the masses”, because in the new age of high dynamic living, finding special time to spend on games will be more and more difficult. And when you find this time on the bus station, in the train or waiting in front of someone’s office – you need to have your game literally in your pocket.

The fun thing in creating games is seeing that people actually enjoy them.

To be continued …


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