Interview with Jordan Tuzsuzov – Part III

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Continue our interview with Jordan Tuzsuzov. He will share more stories behind Biniax-2 with us in the following interview.

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Updated:November 28th, 2012

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Jordan Tuzsuzov

Android Park:  Continue our interview with Jordan Tuzsuzov.  They will share more stories behind their Biniax-2  with us in the following interview.

Android Park: Tell us the story about Biniax-2?  What inspired you to make such a game ?

Jordan Tuzsuzov: Maybe I am an old fashion guy, but for me each game should introduce it’s own mechanics. It is the way the games in the good old 1980-ties were done. I also like games which didn’t require the player to spend hours in tutor missions in order to understand finally how to play. Perfect examples for “games for everyone” are Tetris, ColorLines, Sokoban, SameGame, DigDug, etc. My first attempts to make such a design was “Devet” and “Maya Magic Puzzle” with “Garga Games”. At last in 2005 I designed Biniax entirely in my spare time. It was initially inspired by Dominoes, but still quite unique as a final result. The game was coded first in Python in order to make quick adjustments in the game parameters. After the “perfect” balance was found, I wrote it in J2ME as it was very suitable for the mobile phones of that time. Last came the ANSI C version. The game was generally very well accepted and the reviews reflected what I wanted to achieve – the unique recognizable game play. Biniax gain some popularity, but was always somehow underrated due to the basic graphics. In 2007 I decide to hire a graphical designer, who can bring more professional look to the game. I also took some music tracks I have composed over the years, and finally design one more tactical mode, which allow me to have two different gaming experiences, still with same basic rules. That’s how Biniax-2 was born. Knowing that touch-only devices are the future of the computing, already the first versions of Biniax-2 had full touch-screen controls implemented. Several years it was unusable option, until the Android port was done.

Now, seven years after the first Biniax was released, I am still proud with the game.

Android Park: What’s your business model for  Biniax-2?

Jordan Tuzsuzov: I wouldn’t call it business, rather existence model. The goal of the game is just to exist and bring joy, and I don’t expect any financial income from it. When the much more attractive Biniax-2 was released, I put it under modified ZLib license, which open it’s way to the huge world of Linux. It will remain free as long as there is someone to like and want it. This is guaranteed by the freely available source code and data. The game code exists in all major Linux repositories, so there will be always a source to get it.

Android Park: Do you have something special to say to our readers and your future fans ?

Jordan Tuzsuzov: I am afraid they are already bored with my long writings. I will be glad if Android community enjoys Biniax.

Actually I was looking for a name of the game. Today, seems that funny names with direct meaning in English are much more successful, but that how I was thinking then. The name should be unique, to bring some meaning and to show a position. “Bini” comes from Latin roots of “two” or “double”, as the playing elements of the game. Many golden-age games have futuristic names ending on -ix, -ax, -is, etc. Combined comes Biniax and the mighty Google was finding 0 results. How can such a name be not successful? Well, now I realize, that something like “Double Things” would probably be much more accepted, haha :)

The End


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