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Continue our interview with SPIN FALL. Now let’s listen to some opinions from them on game industry.

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Updated:September 12th, 2012

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: SPIN FALL

Android Park:  Continue our interview with SPIN FALL.  Now let’s listen to some opinions from them on game industry.

Android Park: Since Android and IOS are the two major mobile platforms that people use now, what do you think about the development future for these two platforms?

SPIN FALL: Well, they have totally different business plans. One is completely open and open source; the other is completely closed and closed source. Apple curates everything and Google allows anything. It’s difficult to say, and hard to predict future success for each platform, but the competition is important, especially because they are so diametrically opposed – such a contrast between their approaches. It sure makes things interesting.


Android Park: We notice that your works are mainly for iOS. Why did you consider developing an Android Game?

SPIN FALL: When I was developing specifically for the iOS, I wanted to also develop Android games. It was a simple function of how much work I could do at a time – at first, I was programming in Objective C, and there was no way to publish my game to Android without having to rewrite all of the code, and even with using the Cocos 2D gaming engine for the foundation of my games, I was really relying on their support for my game. Now that I’m using Unity, it’s just so simple and makes sense to publish the same game to multiple platforms.

Android Park: Is the price drop of Frog On Ice a temporary promotion method? If yes, when will you end the promotion? If no, why did you change your pricing strategy?

SPIN FALL: It’s not a promotion necessarily – we’re just experimenting with the app stores. I think its’ safe to say that this is a big experiment for just about everybody at this point in the game (pun intended) and especially for us since we’re just moving into the Google environment. And, the current industry trends seem to infer that Android users download free apps more than paid apps. It’s all really a big test, so we chose Google Play to experiment with the free app market. There are IAP’s in the game, but they’re for more of a luxury than a necessity in the game play.

To be continued …

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