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Surreal Street is the official name of an independent developer from Sydney, Australia, who is still a 21 year old college student.

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Updated:April 10th, 2013

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Surreal Street

Android Park: Surreal Street is the official name of an independent developer from Sydney, Australia.  As a 21 year old college student,  Andrew Passarello regards video games as one of my main hobbies.  Hazard Rush is the first title released by Surreal Street.  Let’s get to know this young developer & his game.

Android Park: Would you please introduce yourself to us and our readers?

Surreal Street: Hello everyone, my name is Andrew Passarello. I’m a 21 year old student from Sydney, Australia. One of my main hobbies is, unsurprisingly, video games. I also enjoy reading, cricket (though love watching any sport), and trips to the movies. When not working or studying, I enjoy spending time with my awesome siblings and friends.

Photo: Andrew and his sister Larissa while on holiday together in Japan.

Android Park: How do you start your career in designing or developing mobile game? Is there any interesting story which happened at the beginning of your gaming career

Surreal Street: For me, mobile development falls firmly into the ‘hobby’ category rather than career. In fact, until this year, my studies at university have been in an entirely different field (Arts). It was my experience developing Hazard Rush that compelled me to switch my studies to a combined Arts and Information Technology degree.

I’ve always wanted to make a video game – when I was younger, my dream was to work in the industry full time. In late 2011, I commenced work on Hazard Rush with the explicit goal of actually finishing a gaming project, and seeing my creation in the hands of many.

Android Park: How long have you been engaged in gaming industry? Are you enjoying in working in this industry? What makes you most excited in designing or developing a mobile game?

Surreal Street: When I was younger I dabbled in contributing to open source games as well as modifications for popular commercial titles.

Designing mobile games is brilliant. The Android and iOS platforms are making huge markets of players available to small developers. Because of the relatively young age of these platforms as well, there’s still a lot of scope for innovation.

Android Park: Since Android and IOS are the two major mobile platforms that people use now, how do you think about the development future for these two platforms?

Surreal Street: The Android and iOS platforms are, as I said, great for small developers. In the future, the popularity of smartphones and tablets will only increase, so the market will only expand. I imagine it’ll lead to even more developers getting into the game as well, which means the challenge of getting your creation seen will increase at the same time. It’s going to take a lot of creativity and savvy marketing to get your app or game the attention it needs to succeed. Hell, it takes a lot now (or a tonne of luck).

Android Park: Tell us the story about this Android game.  What inspired you to make such an Android game ?

Surreal Street: My interest in game development started at a very young age. For years I’ve always wanted to produce and finish a game – and see it being enjoyed by players. I started many projects but over the years failed to actually finish any of them. In late 2011, I decided to plan out a game I could actually finish making with my limited development abilities, but also be a game that I would enjoy playing myself. Hazard Rush started with a small scope and feature set – as my (few) skills grew, those goals and scope expanded. It became my primary hobby, and I worked on it whenever I got the chance. Train or bus trips, flights, during university lectures – any small window of time was usable.

Android Park: Do you have something special to say to our readers and your future fans ?

Surreal Street: Thanks to everyone who has played Hazard Rush! It has proved exponentially more popular than I ever imagined and it’s an amazing feeling to see or hear about people enjoying something you’ve created yourself.

A thank you as well to those who emailed me letting me know how much they were enjoying the game, or sent me feature suggestions/general feedback. It’s great to have fans interact with you like that, and I’ll be making sure to incorporate as much player feedback as possible into Hazard Rush updates and future games.


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