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Thummy is an independent developer from Netherlands. He started to made his own (mostly board and card) games at school.

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Updated:February 3rd, 2013

Interviewed by: Emily Wong
Developer: Thummy’s ToothPasting

Android Park: Thummy is an independent developer from Netherlands.  Thummy always liked playing from his childhood.  He even made his own (mostly board and card) games when he was a teen.  Thummy released his first Android game Drippitt!. Let’s listen to the interesting stories behind the game.

Android Park: Would you please introduce yourself to us and our readers?

Thummy’s ToothPasting: Hello everyone,  I’m 42 years old, live in the Netherlands, and always liked playing. In my young years I made my own (mostly board and card) games.  At school I was “a young technician”. But I did choose for a career as a dramatic arts teacher though. Cause after puberty I missed the humanity in technology. That career was no big success and I drifted off to become a theater technician. Still loved playing, as well as games..

Android Park: How do you start your career in designing or developing mobile games? Is there an interesting story that happened at the beginning of your gaming career?

Thummy’s ToothPasting: About 15 years ago I did some administrative work on a Windows PC, and looked at the Minesweeper game. Thought “I would like to make a computer game too” and started asking around about programming.  A friend gave me VB3 and I did my first steps.

Android Park: How long have you been engaged in the gaming industry? Are you enjoying working in this industry? What makes you most excited about designing or developing a mobile game?

Thummy’s ToothPasting: I work as a programmer now, but in my job I don’t make games. So I’m new in this industry, not in games. Mobile devices fascinate me, cause the can create a lot of interaction. Games excite me because….. Well they just do!.

Android Park: Since Android and IOS are the two major mobile platforms that people use now, how do you think about the development future for these two platforms?

Thummy’s ToothPasting: Would love both of them. For now I’m only addressing Android but that is just for now.

Android Park: Tell us the story about this game.  What inspired you to make such a game ?

Thummy’s ToothPasting: The Drippitt! game is already old. During the earlier mention talk with the friend that introduced me in programming we were sitting at a garden table after the rain. He asked me why I wanted to learn that. I said: To make a game. He asked “What kind of game then?” And followed: “Games are big, you need a whole team and studio to make a good one.” I did not agree, “Minesweeper” was small, but nice. And I had to come up with an original concept: On the table there were some puddles of water, left by the rain. And during the conversation I had been playing with them. Did put my finger in one, trying to drag it to the other, with the purpose to connect them. And so Drippitt! Was born. (I made the first version in VB about 3 month later. There were no touch screens then, nor gravity sensors, you had to drag the drip with the mouse.)

Android Park: Do you have something special to say to our readers and your future fans ?

Thummy’s ToothPasting: A good game does not need a lot of rules nor artifacts. The best games have a simple concept and limited rules, but lead to endless possibilities. (The best game ever is still chess.)

Android Park: Anything to supplement ?

Thummy’s ToothPasting: I used the Drippitt! concept to familiarize myself with mobile (Android) development. Did love making it and am already working on a new release and some new game ideas.


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