10,000 Dev working on Android game console OUYA

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We have often written about the OUYA, game console on Android that you can buy. But what would a game console without games?

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Updated:April 24th, 2013

We have often written about the OUYA, game console on Android that you can buy. For $ 99 Everything goes this console for the wind, the creators had quickly the money through crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and so far they are on track when it comes to deliver the orders. But what would a game console without games?

Many games for OUYA
Immediately after the end of the kickstarter campaign there were already many messages out about studios games for OUYA would develop or an existing game would bring to this platform. To encourage the development of new games the team behind OUYA wrote a game with a challenge coming up with a good game for the Android Game console.

All this trouble to get the world excited developer has apparently worked, because this weekend it was announced that one or more OUYA games work on the 10,000 developers. The largest group within these developers are called indie developers, these are the small businesses that develop independently of major studios games. There are currently no major titles in the catalog of OUYA to find, but especially small titles often still very ‘rough’ aanvoelen.Volgens Kellee Santiago of OUYA is because many developers still “playing” with the system and gradually the games will update. There will also be announced in the near future major titles, which ones do not, of course, they say.

Developing for OUYA is so attractive because the console is running on Android so the developers are very flexible. Of the 10,000 developers will undoubtedly spend most of their existing Android Game to OUYA. The system, like Android in the smartphone open and anyone can apply for a developers kit for yourself to start making a game. The OUYA you get a controller, additional controllers you need to order, but according to the support forum, many other brands of controllers also work with the OUYA.

The lucky ones who have already received a console are not all positive. Website The Verge gives the OUYA a 3.5 / 10, and that’s because they do generally find that the console just not ready yet. Android find them unsuitable for television, the finish of the controller is not good and there are still a number of points.

Or OUYA real success will be, depends on whether there will be great games. To this platform Although I am sure there is enough beautiful and good games will stand, convinced I would very much like to play Gears of War or The Simpsons on that thing.

The OUYA is currently only available via the website but will also be in stores from June. Whether and when this console will come to the Netherlands was not disclosed by the company. Android World has OUYA last December ordered according OUYA support will come in April than inside. We are curious.

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