Motorola: poor quarterly results and rumors X Phone

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We have heard a lot about it and read: the Motorola X Phone. Google is very positive about the new portfolio of Google’s part.

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Updated:April 20th, 2013

We have heard a lot about it and read: the Motorola X Phone. This mythical smartphone from Motorola will help the problems and would be the first smartphone that is made by Motorola. Among Google’s influence Motorola Mobility currently running huge losses, but executives Larry Page and Eric Schmidt are very positive about the new portfolio of Google’s part.

Motorola Mobility
We are always talking about Motorola, but actually they are only a part of Motorola, namely Motorola Mobility. This division of Motorola makes smartphones and tablets and is taken over last year by Google. This company did not itself to produce smartphones but to expand. Its patent portfolio Motorola Mobility has a huge patent portfolio that is used to protect against lawsuits from other companies. Google Android Manufacturers

Immediately after the announcement of the takeover let Google know that it was not an end to fierce competition with Motorola to customers of Google, the smartphone manufacturers that use Android on their devices. Motorola had and has such a small market share that it is not expected that the smartphones of the company suddenly play a significant role. Market realistic On the other hand, of course, change the strategy in the space of a year. Andy Rubin, founder of Android, because it would have indicated that Google is concerned about the dominance of Samsung in the Android world.

Motorola Mobility will be run as a separate company. Immediately after the acquisition by Google were the reactions of smartphone manufacturers praise, but the media was wild speculation that Android ‘closed’ would be or at least that Motorola was going to be quite favored. This have several Google leaders trying to disprove also by the statement that there is a kind of buffer in the business is built. People from the Android team would have no direct contact with the Motorola People.

Bad grades
Google has its quarterly figures for the first quarter of 2013 and appears to have released. lot of profits made Motorola Mobility, however it still does not quite: the business recorded a loss of $ 271 million. A new generation of devices will have to bring change in here. A new pricing could well be part of here. Google has shown the price of smartphones down to spend last year. The LG Nexus 4 to bring out for $ 300, Google showed that on tops mart phones much profit is made.

This week, CEO Eric Schmidt in an interview that he expects the price for smartphones will go. The next two years significantly down We will probably soon see what role Google and Motorola will play with this.

Excited about new Motorola Products
Times interview with Schmidt, he also indicated that he is the new Motorola Products has seen and is very enthusiastic. That is somewhat remarkable, as another top executive at Google, Patrick Pinchette, last month announced that Google was absolutely not impressed with the new portfolio of Motorola and that these products have not yet had the ‘wow’ factor. It could be that the products have already been upgraded, it may be that Google is trying “not convenient” to make statements undo this but it is more likely that they are talking about two different generations of products.

Larry Page, the big boss of Google, during the presentation of the quarterly figures also elated about the new Motorola products. He is the first, as he has done on properties where a smartphone or tablet according to him to meet. Has often He said that you should have to have the day to come with your smartphone if your child throws drink on a tablet, the screen would just have to work through any charger with you and when your smartphone is on the ground, would this should not break. He adds immediately back (translated):

So, I’ve seen the upcoming Motorola products myself and I am very excited about the potential here. In less than a year they have achieved a lot and have an impressive work rate and performance.

It is difficult to see these two mouthfuls of each other and we can also think I perceive as big fat hint. About spoken hints: Guy Kawasaki, including one of the first Apple employees and community manager at Motorola, gave a while back a hint to the adaptability of new Motorola devices. A source of PhoneArena indicates that the X Phone or could come. in 20 different colors on the market Other options that have been suggested in the media, including the adaptability of the amount of memory and the material, according to the source of Phone Arena does not arise.

Should we now expect the X Motorola Phone, what ‘real’ name whatsoever, whether next month announced during Google I / O No, probably not. Only if Google has chosen to as the ‘partner’ to elect a new Nexus device releases, Motorola seems likely that the device will be there. Presented This belongs to the possibilities, as Page himself, even with a new Nexus device, wants to focus on include battery life. On the other hand, Google will want to avoid. The appearance of favoritism

Source: PhoneArena

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