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Every week there are many new games in the Google Play Store installed. Every week we select a number of applications

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Updated:April 21st, 2013

Every week there are many new applications and games in the Google Play Store installed. Every week we select a number of applications ( new apps in the Google Play Store ) and a number of games ( new games in the Google Play Store ) that we put on a list for you so sure a plane for the weekend that you do not be bored.

Game of the week: They Need To Be Fed 2

The game They Need To Be Fed is doing with hundreds of thousands of downloads and an average rating of 4.5 stars very well. I myself had never tried this game and therefore was very curious to They Need To Be Fed 2: the dark figures who play so beautifully contrasts with the colorful backgrounds. They Need To Be Fed 2 looks really beautiful and plays very smoothly.

In this game, the aim is that you let yourself eat a carnivorous plant. No, there is no deeper story behind this goal, it is just the way. Play your character jump from platform to platform while. Unlike normal platform games you can not ‘drop dead’, since each platform has its own gravitational field and your always attracts. You can therefore not really dead. When you hit a spine or other obstacle, you go back to your last checkpoint. One of the difficult things in the game is that the direction in which you walk varies by platform.

Jumping from platform to platform you are looking for seeds planted. On special platforms There are several plants that grow here: some make sure that the platform moves or act as a trampoline to jump on. Other plants will eat you, so you go get your goal.

They Need To Be Fed’s second game of the week, because as I started playing when I no longer could keep. They Need To Be Fed 2 is intuitive, but it may take a while before you know exactly which direction you’re going. On The game is challenging, but it plays nice by. In the second part of the game is a new game mode added with explosions and without checkpoints.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel

The game has not quite Angry Birds status, but Cut the Rope is one of the superstars among mobile games. The latest version of Cut the Rope, Time Travel, brings back a fresh perspective to the game series that revolves around the green monsterstje (no, it’s not a frog) Om Nom. There are now three versions of the game released and Time Travel offers the biggest change so far: there are two Noms order to perform delicious sweets. The animal is because a time machine to travel back in time and. In addition, he comes to his own image, but in viking / Pharaoh / caveman-shape. Because there are now two candies are the dynamics of Cut the Rope change something and the game seems a bit more challenging than its predecessors. Fortunately, Cut the Rope: Time Travel is still an excellent combination of puzzle, skill and amusing animations.


Always been obsessed by ants? in Anthill can you live your own ant colony. With your finger, draw pheromone trace where your work and fighting ants coming. This particular tower defense game offers a lot of challenge, because a huge group of ants keep in line without your anthill attacked by malicious insects is quite a challenge. Anthill looks nice and does offer another special gameplay. This version of Anthill is free, but provides only part of the game. The full game costs € 1.73. It is advisable to try the demo version first since the frantic gameplay you should be.


On the iPhone and iPad is iBomber a big hit. It took a while, but the game where you sit at the controls of a bomber is now also available for Android. You control the plane by moving your device and that requires some practice, be sure to drop. Bombs in the right place On the big screen of my Nexus 10 the game looks outdated, because it is not adapted for larger screens. iBomber is fun to play and is also free, if you want a stronger plane, you pay with “Papayas” that you need to purchase.

Dungeon Hunter 4

We have now been to the fourth installment in the popular action RPG series from Gameloft, Dungeon Hunter. In this game you fight against all kinds of demons in gorgeous looking ‘dungeons’. For Dungeon Hunter 4 you do need. Fairly recent Android Device The HTC One X + which I’ve tried the game turned out great and this was even on a medium-level graphics choppy. In the game try to beat your sword, bow and arrow or magical powers. Your demons Dungeon Hunter 4 itself is free, but health potions and other items can also be purchased through in-game purchases. You also get this by waiting a while. As with many of these freemium games is so your patience to the test when you do not intend to pay for the game. If you like action-RPGs, I can definitely recommend Dungeon Hunter fourth try.

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