Sony is ‘bare’ Android version for Xperia S

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Last year was the Sony Xperia S first device, on the official Google devices after, included in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

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Updated:April 24th, 2013

Last year was the Sony Xperia S first device, on the official Google devices after, included in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Soon took Sony to develop this system software for the Xperia S over and now, on its own initiative a ‘bare’ Android version for the Sony Xperia S made ​​where no adjustments made ​​by Sony and therefore using the standard Android Peel.

Not suitable for everyday use
The Sony Xperia S is the new attractive, high of the Japanese company. The Xperia S has a full HD screen and a Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset. The device runs on Android 4.1 with Sony adjustments. Generally remain the adjustments Sony very close to Android as it is released by Google. Sony Mobile made this afternoon to work on an open source version of the system software of the Xperia S based entirely known on its developer blog on the Android Open Source Project.

At the release of such open source system software version are quite a few snags. Many of the hardware used in modern smartphones is, only runs when the parts manufacturers release drivers. For the most part these drivers are not open source and they may not even be distributed without permission of the manufacturer. This is also the main problem now Sony Mobile encountered when creating an open source version of the system software of the Xperia Z However, some drivers are already available, including by Qualcomm, but can only be downloaded when a user agreement is accepted.

Besides the fact that not all drivers are available, not all wireless functions simply be used. Before a new version of the system is released, it must first be checked whether it still meets the regulations for wireless communication. What works in the source code that is releasing, the SD card, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and the LED indicator and sensors. Internally, Sony also the camera and the modem (which use can be made of 3G/4G and can be dialed, but these functions need not yet been released. If you would put the source code itself to drivers to system software, so you would not able to call or surf the internet via 3G.

Choice of standard Android?
The question is: why does Sony Mobile this? Here are several reasons for this. First, the project aims to grow in the Android community. Goodwill These contribute to an open source version of Android for Xperia S, developers of unofficial firmware weggeholpen a long way. For consumers who want to get through this extreme to rooting (gaining administrator rights) and provide customized system software from its devices is of course very interesting.

Besides goodwill, the information that can be from the open source project interesting. Removed According to Johan Reason Stig and Björn Andersson the project at Sony take on will be the AOSP version of the Sony Xperia S system software to new versions of the software for the Snapdragon S4 chipset, which in the Xperia find Z, to be tested.

There is not yet looked at the possibility to let users choose which system they want to use: the modified version by Sony or the Android Open Source Project version. This still seems a bridge too far. Adventurous users who do not mind that their warranty (partially) lapsed may eventually use the ‘bare’ Android Version. However, this does not include Google applications, so no Google Play Store. Leave it to the community behind for a solution to be found here.

The source code for the AOSP version of the firmware for the Sony Xperia S can here find. A ready-to-use version of firmware for the appliance, even with the above-mentioned limitations, it is not yet available. For more information on the operation of the Android Open Source Project can be found in the background article last year about the inclusion of the Sony Xperia S in the AOSP.

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