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The Hobbit Kingdoms

The Hobbit: Kingdoms           

The battle for Middle-earth has just begun! Join thousands worldwide to drive the Goblin hordes from the lands beyond the Misty Mountains!

Enchanted Realm

Enchanted Realm           

A captivating fantasy adventure. Develop your kingdom, which has fallen on hard times because of an evil sorceress.

Castle Master 3D

Castle Master 3D           

Full 3D Action Strategy Siege Game, Castle Master! Romance of the three kingdoms’ Strategy + Diablo’s Action!

Retired Wizard Story

Retired Wizard Story           

Stop all the escaping sheep! The enchanted sheep are coming! The farm escape defense! A cute story about a great wizard.

Cat War v1.3

Cat War           

Comic war between cute cat and wicked dog. The cat kingdom gathered soldiers to against dog kingdom. Save the kittens now!


LIL’ KINGDOM v1.1.2           

Work and play in your own lil’ underground kingdom now ! Dig deep dungeon dwellings beneath your fairy-tale castle!

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